A Learner’s VARK – What’s Yours?

“Everyone is different.”

I really appreciate that each of us is a unique being with individual preferences, skills, and inclinations. In the area of Learning, there are some differences that are worth considering.

There are numerious studies exploring the ways that people learn best, how to measure the variences, and of course how to apply these Learning Styles in the classroom. I am only going to talk about one distinction:

The VARK Model

Developed by Neil Fleming, VARK stands for:

Visual (V): … preference … [for]  maps, spider diagrams, charts, graphs, flow charts, labelled diagrams, and all the symbolic arrows, circles, hierarchies.

Aural / Auditory (A): … preference for information that is “heard or spoken.”

Read/write (R): … preference is for information displayed as words.

Kinesthetic (K): … to the “perceptual preference related to the use of experience and practice (simulated or real).”

Here’s an overview video if you prefer to Learn that way:

The four VARK keywords indicate the possible learning preferences (or combination thereof) that Fleming proposes we each possess. Each of us will exhibit different preferences for each style, but most of us can learn in any of these styles… just less efficiently and pleasantly

For those of you looking to better understand your learning style, here is a test from the VARK learning website.

My results:

  • Visual: 7
  • Aural: 8
  • Read/Write: 6
  • Kinesthetic: 3

Please comment freely with corrections, opinions or to share your VARK learning style!

-Gerry Brimacombe,
Sector Learning Solutions


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