Recycling System 2.0

Some of you may recall a newsletter article written at the beginning of the summer by our previous Client Service Coordinator, Veronica Rutherford, titled: “A Greener Sector – Our Goal is Zero Waste”.

This article, published in our June 2011 Dynamic Sector Newsletter,  detailed one of Veronica’s many green initiatives:  to create a recycling system so that we, the Sector staff, as well as our clients and instructors could significantly reduce the amount of garbage we produced in the workplace.

Well, Veronica has since moved to the US, and as such did not get to see the system she created through to completion. She would be very pleased to know, however, that we did not let it fall by the wayside!

What started out as a bunch of smaller bins scattered around our kitchen/break area has now become a user-friendly, streamlined system. Take a look:

As you can see, our bins are now neatly stacked and sorted into specific categories: Hard plastics, Soft plastics, Styrofoam, Tetra packs, Foil-lined packaging  and Milk cartons.

Since this system has been in place, we’ve reduced the amount of garbage produced by our office by at least 75 per cent!  We also love the prompt, friendly service delivered by Neil, our local reFUSE Green Guy, who empties our bins when they start to overflow.

In addition, Gerry Brimacombe is encouraging us staff to bring in our compostable and recyclable waste from home. That’s an offer we can’t reFUSE!

-Katie Caplan,
Client Service Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions


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