Sector Staff Summer Stories 2011

Over the summer:

Client Service Coordinator Katie Caplan became a full time staffer here at Sector Learning Solutions- Congratulations Katie!  She also moved into a new suite in the Westshore and adopted an adorable kitten named Oliver.

Chris Stone returned untanned, unharmed, but very well read (14 books in two weeks!) from his cruise vacation to Mexico and the Western Caribbean.

Sales and Marketing Coordinator Kelly Marshall returned tanned, bruised and very under read (unless you count road maps) from her cross-province road trip to Salmo, B.C. to attend the 2011 Shambhala Music Festival.

Chief Executive Officier Gerry Brimacombe had the best summer ever: motorcycling, camping, canoeing, and having quality time with family, staff, and clients all summer long!

Notice Gerry is wearing full protective gear (Aerostich Roadcrafter) to protect your investment. He is riding a 1997 BMR R1100GS, bought in April from a Seattle BMW dealer, for an excellent price with a favourable exchange rate, and rode home in May. The BMW “GS” stands for “Gelände/Strasse” which means “Terrain/Street.” The GS has been Gerry’s dream bike since his teens and now he owns one – dreams do come true.

-Kelly Marshall,
Sales and Marketing Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions


One response to “Sector Staff Summer Stories 2011

  1. Dream DO come true…thanks Kelly!

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