Ask-An-Instructor – Microsoft Live Meeting – Presenters Permissions and Audio Recording

This past month, we had a past learner post a couple of questions to our Ask-an-Instructor forum regarding Live Meeting. She had taken a Live Meeting course with our Collaboration Systems Business Analyst, Chris Stone. Chris was away on holidays when the question was posted, and so an equally qualified instructor, CEO Gerry Brimacombe took it upon himself to address the questions. Here’s what he had to say:

QUESTION #1: We have two presenters who both needed to flip slides, etc. How do we stop the attendee from playing with the slide? If I go to attendee permission and stop them from having access, will both presenters still be able to flip the slides?

ANSWER: This is easily done. Make sure both presenters are in fact Live Meeting presenters (either by setting them up as presenters when you create the meeting in Outlook, or by “right-click-promoting” them during the Live Meeting).  Attendees won’t be able to change slides as long as they don’t have the “Review Current Content” or “Content Tools” Attendee Permissions (see page 26 of your Sector LiveMeeting manual). Both presenters must work together so one is not flipping when the other thinks they are in change.  You can also “lock” onto one presenter so only one can control the slides.

QUESTION #2: What is the best way/ where is the best place to put the audio recording so that others can listen to it?

ANSWER: The video recording is best saved on the Live Meeting server. When you create the recording choose server as the storage location. Or if that is not available, you can save the recording to your computer, and later upload it to a SharePoint site or file share. Note that if you are using telephone conferencing, you will need to “connect telephone to computer audio” so the computer can “hear” the audio and record it.

If you’ve taken any classes with us in the past, don’t forget to take advantage of our unlimited access to the Ask-An-Instructor forum. Our instructors are here to help! We will do our best to address your questions as quickly (2-3) days as possible.

-Katie Caplan,
Client Service Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions


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