Sector Clients Rant and Rave

At Sector, we’re always working on improving ourselves and our processes. Accordingly, we want to make sure we’re meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Sector Raves:

Regarding a SharePoint 2010 Level 1 course, taught by Chris Stone on August 10 & 11:

“It was well-paced for a beginner user; [the] instructor encouraged questions all along both days. Instructor also advised on the features of SharePoint 2007 vs. SharePoint 2010.” – Anonymous

“Great job teaching! I’ve learned SO much!” -Anonymous

Regarding a one-on-one session of Adobe InDesign CS3 – Complete, taught by Dana Dahlquist on August 16:

“[The best thing about this course was] the fact that it was one-on-one and the instructor tried to tailor the lesson to my intents and purposes with the software.” – Anonymous

Regarding a one-on-one session of Microsoft Excel 2007 Level 2 (Intermediate), taught by Wendy Hawthorn on September 20:

“I would recommend this class and Sector Learning overall to others.” – Anonymous

Sector Rants:

We’re aware that nobody is perfect and that Sector Learning Solutions is no exception. Here a few issues we’ve encountered over the last month and our proposed solutions for resolving them:

-Valuable class time is wasted when instructors and learners are getting logged out of their computers.
Instructors will no longer need to ask for help logging back in. Easy access laminated handouts are being created for every classroom with a list of the login passwords for instructor and learner computers.

-The breaker in the kitchen has blown one time too many over the summer.
You’ll also notice a sign on the microwave warning everyone that it doesn’t  play well with others. The kettle’s filed a restraining order and now lives beside the coffee pot plug in.

We want to hear from you! Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or rave reviews you want to share.

-Katie Caplan,
 Client Service Coordinator,
 Sector Learning Solutions


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