Switching Tabs in Outlook 2007/2010

Do you find yourself switching between your Outlook inbox, tasks, contacts and calendar repeatedly throughout the day?

Why wait for the click of a mouse when the screen you want is a keystroke away? Since your fingers are already resting on the keys, you can switch between tabs a little bit quicker by using the keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + 1 takes you to your mailbox.
Ctrl + 2 takes you to your calendar.
Ctrl + 3 is for your contacts.
Ctrl + 4 is for Tasks.

Don’t try to do this with just your left hand as the movement is quite awkward. Instead, use both hands by either hitting the right hand Ctrl button with your right hand, and the number with your left. Alternatively, you can use the left Ctrl button and the number pad.

There are many useful keyboard shortcuts in Outlook that can speed up your day. It’s one of the applications you spend the most time in every day, and each little trick when added together can make up a number of hours over a month.

-Chris Stone,
Application Specialist,
Sector Learning Solutions

Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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