Amazon on Fire

Last week Amazon decided it too wanted a piece of the tablet market by releasing the Kindle Fire. Not just yesterday’s kindle full of any book imaginable, the Fire is a full media center for video, audio and more. It’s not as powerful as the market leading iPad from Apple, but at almost a third of the price ($199) it’s a powerful draw for many.

Sporting a 7 inch colour touch screen and running Android this device is similar to many smartphones but larger and more powerful. It does have a dual core processor, and free cloud storage space but only connects to Wifi, no cellphone network support.

At the same time, Amazon also announced new versions of the
book0-reading kindle, the cheapest is now only $79 with the touch or keyboard version at $99. It’s worth noting that those prices are the “ad”-supported versions, which show promotions on the screen when the device has been powered off.  Fortunately, they do not appear when you are reading.

I have to say good job to Amazon for mixing the market up. I was getting a little tired of hearing about Apple all the time.

-Chris Stone,
Application Specialist,
Sector Learning Solutions


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