Sector Supports the Arts

Gerry has a close relative with a carver up island and has offered to help sell his
products. Gerry plans on setting up an online store with, but in the
meantime here is a sneak peek:

In the words of the carver:
My carvings are made of handpicked, naturally dried Cedar salvaged
on the west coast of Vancouver Island. After splitting, shaping, and sanding
they are treated with natural wax. My goal is to maximize the strength and
beauty of these products by following the grain.

One the handmade benches in on display in Sector’s front office and it is getting a lot of positive attention. Pricing we are still not sure of, but plan to sell this one for $250 (taxes included).

We also have a carved cedar box and some spatula style spoons that are great for stir-frys or spankings (kinky!)

Please contact Gerry directly if you are interested in purchasing anything.
This is not a Sector transaction, just helping out a friend, so cash is appreciated!


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