Sometimes Google Really Does Know Best…

As much as we like to think we do, we don’t always have all the answers. This past month, an attendee from one of our Microsoft Office 2010 – What’s New Fre*eClasses reminded us of this fact. His question was as follows:

“Recently I participated in your presentation of “Office 2010: What’s New?”
I am glad that I did as the information received has proved to be an asset.

I am having issues, however, with putting together an “E-mail Signature” with logos included into my Windows Live Mail program which came with the Office 2010 package.

I’m able to insert the logos into a “New Message”, however, when trying to “save as file”, the logos disappear. Would you be able to assist me with this?”

-Peter Krytiuk
Sr. Project Manager, Hazardous Materials
BC HAZMAT Management Ltd.

Chris Stone, one of our resident experts, took it upon himself to address Peter’s question. After looking at the Windows Live Mail program, which we admittedly are not all that familiar with, Chris determined that he simply did not know the answer.

Enter Google.


A quick and simple search turned up a link (found right here) that did just the trick for Peter, who now has his electronic signature “up and running.” The end result is that we have now learned something new and, most importantly, we have a satisfied client.

In short, sometimes admitting you don’t know everything is really ok…
because even if you don’t, Google does!

-Katie Caplan,
Client Service Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions

1 image from Sean Kenney website (full-time LEGO artist, 2007)
2 graphic from How Uniform E-mail Signatures Can Help Brand and Promote Your Organization by Jonathan Rick


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