November vSharePoint Meeting – Date and Speakers Announced!

When: November 17, 2011 from 7-9 pm (come mingle @ 6:30pm)
Location: Sector Learning Solutions, 951 Alston Street, Victoria West
Free parking available!
Fees: Free event – Drinks and pizza also provided!
Registration: Only 35 seats available! 

You must become a member of the vSP group @ to reserve your spot – Membership is free.

November Speakers:

Chris Stone:  “JQuery in SharePoint”
JQuery in SharePoint – How far can we take SharePoint without requiring anything on the server side. Coding some useful visuals and additional function without Visual Studio. Please note, this is not a programming presentation, copy and paste skills will be sufficient for many users.

Sean Wallbridge: “Search Baby Search”
While the first benefit most folks look for SharePoint to solve is getting access to their data from anywhere, at any time on anything, easily the second bang for the buck most (should) realize from SharePoint is the power of Search. Sean will attempt to demystify SharePoint search in its various forms from free to paid, clarify some terminology and provide tips for managing search, getting more out of your searches and using Search to get those anti-SharePoint Mutineers back on the bandwagon again.

-Kelly Marshall,
Sales and Marketing Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions


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