Subtotals in Excel

As some of you may already know, Sector Learning recently delivered a one-hour Excel 2007/2010 Tips and Tricks overview session to the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce for their Business Education Series.

One of the questions stemming from this seminar had to do with creating subtotals in Excel. After trying to tackle this one on my own, I decided to seek out some assistance from one of our expert instructors. Linda Swanton to the rescue! Rather than simply explaining in words how to go about doing this, Linda kindly took the time to create an Excel spreadsheet to show how this can be done.

Question: How do I put subtotals and totals in the same column of an Excel spreadsheet?


Aahh, the power of visuals!

Don’t forget – whether it was last week, last month, or last year, if you’ve ever taken a class with Sector Learning  you have unlimited lifetime access to our Ask-An-Instructor forum. Our instructors are here to help! We will do our best to address your questions as quickly (2-3) days as possible.

-Katie Caplan,
Client Service Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions


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