Whole Hearted Acceptance Today!

WHAT! is an acronym that means Whole Hearted Acceptance Today! The program we are most proud of is the WHAT! Queer Youth and Allies Drop-in currently being run in two locations, Fairfield Community Place and Burnside Gorge Community Centre. We provide safe, non-judgemental space for queer youth to come together and just be themselves.

These drop-ins are for youth aged 19 and under. The WHAT! acronym our youth created indicates their understanding of the need to be understood and fully accepted for the wonderful human beings they are and the amazing potential that is contained within them. They do not want to be just tolerated. They want and deserve full acceptance. But it is an uphill battle, and some are just not up to the struggle. We are losing too many of our youth (gay and straight) to bullying. The respite of safe space and the wisdom and support of the volunteers who facilitate our youth group is key to the success of our WHAT! programs.

If you know of any youth who need this kind of space in their lives, please contact us at sipccyouth@gmail.com.

-submitted by Linda Swanton,
Guest Blogger,
Sector Learning Solutions instructor &
Executive Director of
South Island Pride Centre
WHAT Queer Youth & Allies Drop-In


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