New Course: Smooth Transition to MS Office 2010

Are you planning an upgrade to MS Office 2010? We’ll help with a smooth transition.

To this day, I continue to have “ah-ha” moments when one of our instructors or a coworker informs me of a new feature that I never knew existed. These save me time and turn tedious processes into quick tasks (two personal favourites are the Outlook Social Connector and the ability to add custom tabs to the MS Ribbon).

I’m not one to dwell on regrets, but I now recognize that if I had taken a structured approach to refresh my skills, I would have regained my productivity a lot quicker and spent a lot less time cursing at my technology.

That is why we will now be offering Microsoft Office 2010 : What’s New as an open enrolment course in January 2012 to allow individuals to receive the training in a group setting for a special rate: $295 per person.

Microsoft Office 2010 : What’s New  is not your typical course – it’s designed for learners who are already well versed in MS Office 2007 Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint and want to maintain their proficiency by reviewing the new features and changes to the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, Images and Graphics, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

If you know you want to register for this course in January, we invite you to be one of the first three people to contact Katie Caplan by December 5, 2011 to have the opportunity to work with her to select the open enrolment dates.

-Kelly Marshall,  
Sales and Marketing Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions


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