Sector Instructor Hidden Talent

Sector Learning Solutions instructors share one commonality: a passion for teaching. Outside of the classroom, they have a plethora of hobbies and passions – from wakeboarding to scootering to volunteering to baking.

When one instructor, Wendy Hawthorn, brought in a tupperware container of cards she had created to share with us, we felt like sharing her talent with all of you:

“Beauty for ashes could, quite literally, be considered the story behind these cards.  I started making cards in the winter of 2006, while undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  During that time I had the opportunity to take a rubber stamp class at Lasting Impressions at Matticks Farm, and as they say, the rest was all in the cards.”

“What started as a fun class, soon became a creative passion.  As my obsession with rubber stamps and cardstock grew (ok, I admit it, I get excited about swatch books), I realized that this hobby had better be about more than just me.”

“So I prayed and asked for wisdom and the idea came to me that I could use my creative endeavor to benefit others.  Each card is hand stamped and crafted with that goal in mind.  For this reason, Hawthorn Cards gives a generous amount of its proceeds to the Women’s Breast Health Centre at the Victoria General Hospital, who provide excellent care and support for women across Vancouver Island undergoing treatment.  For me it is a way of turning a difficult experience into something beautiful and an opportunity to reciprocate some of the many blessings I have received.”

Wendy sells her cards at local craft fairs throughout the holiday season. In the meantime, you can view a small selection of the cards that will be on sale by going to her website at:

Please contact Wendy at for more information.

-Wendy Hawthorn,
Sector Learning Solutions Instructor & Guest Blogger,
Hawthorn Training


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