Where in the World is Veronica Rutherford: DC Edition Part Deux

Hello everyone!

I’m busy down here in DC meeting new people, but I must say they’re nowhere near as friendly as Victoria folk!

I’m working at Starbucks – I know, not the most glamourous job, but for years I wanted to be a barista and thought that now would be an appropriate time in my life to pursue this coffee-art enthusiasm. I am learning a lot and, if I may toot my own horn ;), I’m excited to announce that I can now make a delicious double-tall-whole-milk-dry-cappuccino.

I am currently volunteering at a community hospital focusing on patient nutrition, education,and comfort, but also work in the Emergency Room area as needed. I help organize a community kitchen called Campus Kitchen Washington DC that holds monthly dinners for a retirement community, the homeless and hypothermic patients.

I applied for volunteer opportunities overseas and am awaiting responses. I’m broadening my horizons by also applying for accelerated BSc nursing schools and MBA Environmental Management programs. Who knows what’s in the cards for me next year, but I’ll definitely have some options.

In March I have another lacrosse tournament in Phoenix, Arizona with my good old Victoria team, the Tsunamis. Wish me luck!

Here's a picture of me with my new fuzzy guinea pig friends, Hillary and Alana, on loan for a few months from my brother.

Well, that’s the update for now. Until next time…toodaloo!

DC hugs,

-Veronica Rutherford,
Former Client Service Coordinator for Sector,
Now Free Agent of the World


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