The Start of Something Good: New Social Media Workshops

2012 started with a bang in terms of updates and changes to some of the most popular social platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  It seems like Facebook changes its interface every time you turn around – did you know Facebook pages will soon be adopting the “timeline” format. And just when you think you’ve got that figured out, along comes Google with a whole new social platform to learn.

Or perhaps you’re new to social media and haven’t been affected by the changes because it’s all new to you. But you’re hearing from everyone that you should be on Twitter or have a Facebook page. What they don’t tell you is what comes next or why you should be there.

Well you need not worry because Sector Learning and Chris Burdge have partnered to create a series of informative, hands-on workshops to help you navigate the social media waters and effectively leverage it to grow your business.  You’ll learn some potential social media strategies, how to track and measure success, as well as which tools work and how. These workshops lead with strategy, these are not “twitter is cool” presentations. Businesses want and need to know how to make social media work for their bottom line, otherwise what’s the point.

Click here to find out more and to register – seating is limited.

Chris Burdge
Social Media Expert
bWest and Sector Learning Solutions

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