2-for-1 Registration Special for Collaborate and Produce: SP 2010 Event

Collaborate and Produce:
SharePoint 2010 Introduction for Government and Business

Join us for a half-day demonstration-style overview of SharePoint 2010.

Thursday, April 12, 2012
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Complimentary Lunch: noon – 1:00pm

This session will be useful and relevant to those familiar with SharePoint 2007, or new to SharePoint altogether.

at the Ambrosia Conference & Event Centre,
Victoria, BC

Host Gerry Brimacombe spices up his presentation with tips, tricks, and best practices gathered and developed over many years of using and teaching this exciting product.

2-for-1 Registration Now Available:
$100 per person – includes catered lunch
Redeem our 2-for-1 Special and bring a friend for free.
Click here for event description and to register.

-Kelly Marshall,
Sales and Marketing Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions


One response to “2-for-1 Registration Special for Collaborate and Produce: SP 2010 Event

  1. Someone asked for more Details on the topics, so here they are:

    The SharePoint 2010 Ribbon – ribbon overview, terminology, most important ribbon tabs, fluid user interface,…
    Creating Pages, Lists and Sites – core fundamental concepts, adding content to your SP2010 sites, most common lists and their features, metadata and customization, …
    Wiki Home Page editing – the easy way to build SharePoint 2010 site content, versioning, layout, formatting of web pages,…
    Co-Authoring – demo of multiple people editing documents at the same time with SP2010 and Office 2010.
    Microsoft Office Integration – connecting and accessing your SharePoint data from Windows Explorer, Outlook, and Word, including Calendars, Tasks, Contacts, Documents,…
    Calendar Overlays – how to display multiple SP2010 calendars on a single SharePoint view.
    Themes – quickly change the look of your site, even using a PowerPoint theme if you wish
    SharePoint Workspaces – overview and discussion of SharePoint Workspace, which is the new name for Microsoft Groove.
    Questions from the audience – much encouraged, and answered as much and as deeply as time permits.
    Why SharePoint? – the following points will be restated, discussed, and reinforced throughout.

    SharePoint 2010 is a major step forward for Microsoft, and for SharePoint users and administrators. It is currently used, or soon to be adopted, by BC Ministries, Crown Corporations, Health Authorities, and private business. For good reasons:

    We need to do more with less!
    We need to find ways to work effectively together!
    We need to be able to capture corporate data so it is not lost when people leave or retire
    We need to accommodate a mobile workforce with 24/7 habits!
    We need to reduce the amount of time we spend searching for information to do our jobs!

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