Creating an InfoPath Form Template


“We want to create an InfoPath form template that can be accessed by users without the InfoPath software. The form must be directly saved in SharePoint in a read-only format. Users cannot save to their computer directories as they may be using a client’s computer and the contents contain private information.

1. Which InfoPath version is compatible with SharePoint 2010?

We want to create an HTML-enabled InfoPath form that can be saved directly in the SharePoint document library as a read only document. The file must not be saved elsewhere on the computer for security reasons because the computer may not be the users home computer and the file contains private information.

2. Also what SharePoint settings are required to allow the InfoPath for the function as we want it to?”


InfoPath 2007 and 2010 are both compatible with SharePoint 2010. InfoPath 2010 is preferable due to some of the new features, but what you are talking about is possible in 2007 as well.

As for the settings, this is not simple to explain in an e-mail. You need to publish it as a web editable form into a form library, or alternatively build it as a custom list with a customized InfoPath form. You would also need to hide the default buttons. With your privacy requirements I might suggest additional training in how to do this in order to ensure it is done correctly.

If you already understand InfoPath, the walkthrough would probably take about an hour. Otherwise, this could probably be learned in half a day.

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