Top 5 Free Smartphone Apps : April Edition

1. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is a community of users who work together to find the best prices for gas. The idea is that users will report what the gas price is at gas stations around the city so that users can see where the cheapest gas is in their region.

  • Available on Blackberry, iPhone, and Android.

2. Dell Voice

This free App lets you phone any phone number  in Canada for free as long as you have internet access. Dell Voice is like Skype except that Skype charges money for phone calls to actual phone numbers. Gmail has the same function but its calling function is not available in Canada yet.

Dell Voice uses 1 MB of data per minute so if you have 200MB of data that is equal to 200 minutes of call time.

When making calls to phones outside of Canada it costs 2 cents per minute.

  • Available on Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and Windows PC.

3. Shazam

Shazam identifies the name of songs. Just open the App on your phone and it will tell you the name of the song that is playing currently. One could even hold the phone up to their mouth and try to sing the song (but this never works for me).

  • Available on Blackberry, Nokia, Android, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mile 6, iPhone, iPod Touch,  iPad, and Android.

4. Waze

Waze helps you avoid traffic. If one Waze user slows down it will signal all other Waze users that something is slowing down the movement of vehicles at their location and offer an alternative route to take.

  • Available on Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone, and Android.

5. Wifarer

Wifarer is an indoor positioning system (a GPS for buildings) that gives you information on the different regions of a building’s mini map as well as on the objects inside.

For example, at a museum when looking at a big wooly mammoth you could use your phone to get information about that wooly mammoth. Think about the possibilities while traveling. There will be no need for a guide to tell you about the significance of an artifact because all of the information is available in English on your phone. When I was studying in Istanbul I would of loved the ability to know of sales or special offers at malls.

Also, Wifarer makes a portion of their revenues from marketing. For example, at a mall you will see if there are any coupons available through Wifarer for the store that you are shopping at. These coupons are only available through the Wifarer application so all you need is to show your phone to the retailer for the coupon to be redeemed.

The problem is that Wifarer is not functional everywhere yet. They need to create partnerships with companies in order to be used in their facility.  Fortunately Wifarer is located in Victoria so they are relevant to us Victorians. Wifarer is currently usable at the BC Royal Museum and Uvic.

Wifarer  is compatible with Google Maps so you don’t have to switch from a global positioning system to indoor position system.

  • Available on Android and will soon be available on iPhone.

-Benjamin Lloyd,
Co-op  Student,
Sector Learning Solutions

Source: Image: Watcharakun/

2 responses to “Top 5 Free Smartphone Apps : April Edition

  1. I am trying to find some good developer tools for iphone / android / smartfone. And not just a dev tool kit I also need the translator to convert to iphone / android / smartfone. I am interested in making apps for all new phone models. If anyone is interested in dev projects hit me up please. I have an idea about developing a cellphone app that will upload video instantly to a website with password for secure viewing at a later time even if the cellphone is confiscated.

    • Thank you for commenting on our blog post, App dev!
      Yes, smartphone apps are certainly a hot trend right now and a good idea can potentially generate excellent revenue, if unique.
      To clarify, we don’t have any app developers on staff or on retainer as our company, Sector Learning Solutions, works with computer application (Microsoft Office and SharePoint) consultants. If I meet any keen app developers during ork networking opportunities I will be sure to connect you with them.
      -Kelly Marshall

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