New Course : The Power of PowerPoint – Designing Presentations to Engage your Audience

Sector Learning Solutions is excited to announce a new course:
The Power of PowerPoint :
Designing Presentations to Engage your Audience

Many of us have the technical skills to harness the complete functionality of PowerPoint, but would like to expand our knowledge of how to design memorable messages that arouse our audience’s attention.

This course is designed to equip you with:

  • A step-by-step plan for your presentation strategy
  • A simple design process for creating vivid presentation storyboards
  • A method for presenting a powerful message, both visually and verbally
  • Hands-on practice at engaging your audience with succinct messaging
  • Public-speaking tips & tricks to take your audience engagement to the next level

If you’ve been looking for creative ways to get and keep your audience’s attention – a skill that will separate you and your message from the crowd – register early to secure your spot!

Sector Learning Solutions knew we wanted to partner with Niki Kux-Kardos after a staff member attended her Effective Speaking: Do’s and Don’ts to Engage Your Audience presentation at The Chamber on July 2011.

Check out a YouTube video of the event to experience a sample Niki’s presentation style:

-Kelly Marshall,
Sales and Marketing Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions


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