Victoria’s SharePoint Users Group : April 26th Summary

Thank you to everyone who attended the Victoria SharePoint Users Group MeetUp on April 26th! For those who could not attend, here is a summary of what you missed (through the eyes of Sector Co-op student Benjamin Lloyd):

  • SharePoint Consultant Colin Phillips of itgroovestarted the event with a 60-minute presentation about Mega Menus – demonstrating how they look (some good, some ugly), the value they bring and explaining how they are made.
    • Sean Wallbridge of itgroove says “itgroove has recently employed Mega Menus – this navigational approach/style is truly a ‘game changer.’”
    • Mega Menus are drop down menus which are used to organize links to other pages on a website. Mega Menus differ from normal drop down menus in that they are usually very large and can contain pictures or headings that organize the menu into subcategories.
  • After the presentation, we had a break and discussed SharePoint stuff while eating pizza.
  • Sean opened the floor to the group for “Solution Collaboration Fondue version 2.0.” Individuals shared their SharePoint questions, issues and headaches with the group who collaborated to brainstorm ideas and solutions together.
  • Chris Stone volunteered me to show the group how to add custom action buttons into SharePoint ribbons and menus.
  • We played a rousing game of heads or tails to determine who would win the door prize – I won a Zamboni Desk Vacuum!

-summary by Benjamin Lloyd,
Co-op Student,
Sector Learning Solutions
(introduction by Kelly Marshall)

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