SharePoint 2010: How to Create a “Return to Top” Button on a Wiki Page

At Sector Learning, we use our SharePoint 2010 wiki as a Policy and Procedures manual for all staff to reference and update. In general, users often express frustration when they have to scroll through, or scan through, a lot of content to find information.

Our General Manager, Maurice Lagasse, proposed a solution to increase usability and productivity for viewers of particularly lengthy wiki pages. Instead of wasting time scrolling back to the top, Maurice proposed we insert a “Return to Top” button at the bottom of a wiki page.

Web designers refer to this sort of link as a “page anchor.” An “anchor” can be placed anywhere on a web page and then a graphic or piece of text with a hyperlink is inserted that links the viewer to that location.

Unfortunately, SharePoint 2010’s version of the Editing Tools ribbon does not have a tool to insert a page anchor in the Format Text tab, or the Insert tab. After a little thinking outside the box, we came up with a very simple solution that we’re excited to share with you here:


1. Open the wiki page. (In our example, we’ll use a wiki page titled “Administration.”)

2. Be sure you know the name of the page. To check this:

a.      Option 1: Make sure you’re on the “Browse” tab and check the breadcrumb trail on the right.

b.      Option 2: Click on the “Navigate Up” button to see the page location and name.

3. Click the “Edit” button (located between the “Navigate Up” button and the “Browse” tab – the “Edit” button looks like a notepad and pencil).

4. Scroll to the location on the wiki page where you want to insert the “Return to Top” link.

5. Type two square brackets, the name of the wiki page, then close with two square brackets.

6. Find the vertical bar on the keyboard. On a standard North American keyboard, the vertical bar key is located above the Enter key:

7.  Insert a vertical bar after the last letter in the page name, and then type “Return to Top.” (Remember: You must press the Shift key at the same time to access it.)

8. Save and Close. Bam! The text will appear as a “Return to Top” link – and return you to the top of the page.

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
SharePoint Training @ Sector Learning Solutions

3 responses to “SharePoint 2010: How to Create a “Return to Top” Button on a Wiki Page

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  2. Thank you. I’ve been trying to make this work for a while and failing. Your solution works.

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