Ways To Encourage Adult Learning

Melissa Peterson posted an article “Ways to Encourage Adult Learning” on Custom Guide’s website on June 5, 2012 that outlines the ways that adult learning differs from our experiences in primary and secondary school.

“For children, education is a “have to”. They have to take certain classes, learn certain subjects, and get passing grades. They have to listen to their teachers who give assignments and projects. They don’t necessarily know what they’re going to get from attending school; they just know they have to go.”

As Melissa explains, when we enter adulthood, the choice to continue our education becomes our responsibility. As we take ownership of our learning, we become more critical of our training options. If training is not perceived as relevant to helping us meet our goals or solving our problems, we will often opt out – by zoning out in class or by deciding to not signing up for training at all.

“Unfortunately, lots of times we still try to implement adult learning as we would for children. We try to make courses mandatory, and we try to give tests and get results. Then we wonder why it fails.”

This presents a unique challenge for instructors working in adult training centers. We at Sector Learning Solutions have addressed these concerns by offering our learners the opportunity to receive the knowledge they want on their terms.

We’ve shifted from a purely open enrolment classroom model to focusing on offering training can be tailored to the individual or the dedicated group’s needs. Every course’s content is also highly customizable – with the option to include an adapted curriculum that focuses on the exact topics they want to cover. We also offer the option to have the instructor use custom course materials – where tutorials are designed to be applied to a learner’s work documents instead of generic practice files.

We feel these options focus the scope of training to be results-orientated – where our instructors can provide solutions to specific problems – instead of covering information that may be redundant or not relevant.

Do you feel our new approach fits with your needs as an adult learner? Do you have other suggestions for how we can improve the way we deliver training?

We’d love to hear what you have to say.
Please share your suggestions or experiences with us today!

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Custom Software Training @
Sector Learning Solutions


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