Gerry’s Kootenays Adventure 2012

I am back from a great relaxing motorcycle trip with my good friend Jeff Murdock. We did an eight-day loop around the interior of BC to visit friends, ride some nice roads, and generally “go with the flow”.

It was a fantastic trip, but I was tested before it even started. We had been planning the trip for months, and two days before our scheduled departure, my 1997 BMW R1100GS left me stranded beside the highway.  If you are interested in all the gory details, leave a comment or ask me in person…but it appears to be the transmission… So in asking the question “is the universe telling me not to go, or testing me to see if I can stay calm and solve this problem?”, and consulting with the BMW dealer, my wife, Jeff, my bank account, and, I bought a 2000 BMW R1100RT on Friday the 13th. On Saturday the 14th, we set out. We had a general travel plan, but the main plan was “live in the moment, go with the flow and make it up as we go along”.

Here’s the new bike:

And here’s Jeff on his gorgeous classic 1972 R75/5. Yes that is a mandolin on the back. Jeff’s an amazing musician.

Here’s the trip log, roughly:

July 14 Victoria to Nanaimo, stayed with friends and visited family. Great meal at the Front Street Grill where some friends were playing live.

July 15 Nanaimo to Lillooet. Lunch in Whistler with friends, and stayed at Reynolds Hotel. Did a really interesting walk through the cemetery.

July 16 Lillooet to Kelowna. Bought a new front tire for the new bike. Camped out in the rough near a lake, and fed the mozzies with our blood.

July 17 Kelowna to Christina Lake, stayed at Christina Lake, warmest lake in Canada. Very nice people, hot weather, and super nice people.

July 18 Christina Lake to Castlegar, stayed 2 nights with our friend Paul Taylor. Paul and Jo-Ann are having a wedding at their house in August so we helped with a few small jobs, and tested Paul’s beer.

July 20: Castlegar to Kaslo, and then the “best motorcycling road in Canada”, Hiway 41, to Nakusp. Major rainstorm hit in Nakusp. We were already arrived in town when the rain hit, so checked into the hotel by candlelight.

From Nakusp, we headed back towards Kaslo and back through some beautiful scenery and great riding to Nelson. Picnic in the park, and jamming with strangers on the beach. Set out to cover some miles towards home. Rode until about 10:00pm, and spent the night in Osoyoos at this really cool hotel Jeff found where the bikes can go into the courtyard and “sleep” outside the people rooms.

Got away from Osoyoos on the morning with the goal of catching the 3:00 ferry to Victoria. Managed to make the 5:00 and that was just fine. Warm welcome from families made the trip complete. And I must say I now have the “motorcycle travel bug” big time! That was one of the best trips ever!

-Gerry Brimacombe,
Sector Learning Solutions

One response to “Gerry’s Kootenays Adventure 2012

  1. Helen Brimacombe

    Oh, I’m so jealous! What a wonderful time, and angels in charge even before you started! (New bike looks lovely). Mom

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