How to Drag Multiple Image Files Into Microsoft Word 2010 to Create a PDF

Sector Learning Solutions staff are encouraged to use TechSmith’s Jing software to capture and share videos.

For example, the other day our Client Service Coordinator, Katie Caplan emailed our CEO Gerry Brimacombe a contract that was scanned as individual jpeg files. Gerry wanted the individual pages combined into one PDF and decided to record a short How-To video for Katie.

This video will be saved in our SharePoint portal Procedure wiki along with written step-by-step instructions (below)  to ensure this super quick tip is available to all other staff.

Here is a link to the how-to video (1 minute 20 seconds).

“​Here’s how we would put those images into a Word file. You can have them wherever, here they are in an email. And I’ve got a Word document down here, so there’s a blank Word document. So back to the email – so I can just take those images and I can drag them (hover over Word until it pops up) and then drop them into a Word document. Actually, I’m going to set the margins really narrow first because it automatically sizes the images when they go in there.(Probably should set it at zero margins) And from there you can save it as a PDF.” – Gerry Brimacombe

Note: Be sure to name your files numerically to ensure they are dropped into the Word file in the correct order .

For example, in the video the files are named as follows:  Image.jpg, Image(2).jpg, Image(3).jpg, Image(4).jpg

How to Save a PDF in Microsoft Word 2010:

1. Click the File Tab.
2. Select Save As button.
3. Use the drop down menu beside the “Save as type:” to change the type of file from “Word Document” to “PDF”.
4. Click the “Save” button.

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Training @
Sector Learning Solutions


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