UPDATE: New Details on Eligibility for DTAPP Government Pilot Program

After speaking with the Vancouver Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA), I now have a better understanding of the Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP). My initial impression that this pilot program could offer opportunities for free training is only partially correct. The eligibility guidelines are a lot narrower than initially assumed. Let me explain:

The DTAPP program is designed to help companies with 20-200 staff that is considering adopting digital technologies. It can provide up to $100,000 per company, but is only available to 20-30 companies across Canada a year. The purpose of DTAPP is to ensure these companies effectively adopt these digital technologies to enable them to grow their markets and effectively compete in the modern world.

DTAPP funding pays for companies to have the time and resources available to ensure their investment in new technology pays off and is effective. DTAPP funds cannot be used to purchase new technology. You must pay for new technology out-of-pocket with no compensation available from DTAPP.

This program is not designed for companies looking for a quick fix. To be eligible for DTAPP funding, you must be prepared to commit the necessary time and resources to analyze your company’s current productivity challenges. You must also be able to prove that your company’s current productivity is a barrier to growth, and that through the implementation of new technology, your company will be enabled to grow its markets.

DTAPP will work with eligible companies to assist them with in-depth exercises to identify challenges, what barriers are stopping them from being successful, what can be done to knock down those barriers and provide potential tools to fix them. DTAPP provide clients with a list of consultants, but emphasizes the importance that the company chooses the company and products that fit their needs.

To be eligible for DTAPP, your company must also have the capital to pay all fees up front and out-of-pocket. Your company will then make monthly claims to DTAPP and be refunded for all eligible expenses.

Examples of eligible expenses include the cost of hiring business analysts to determine your company’s needs, hiring technology consultants to assist you with determining which technology option is the best fit, process planning consultants to assist with designing new procedures, and hiring instructors to train your staff on the new technology and procedures.

If you’ve read this update and DTAPP still sounds like a fit for your company, I encourage you to speak with a DTAPP ITA for more information.  It has been made clear to me that attempts to “force fit” your organization into the program is not encouraged.

Note: All the 2012 funding has already been allocated. The next funding cycle begins April 1st, 2013. DTAPP ITA’s will start talking to new eligible firms in November/December 2012 to determine who is eligible for 2013 funding. At this time the pilot program will run for three years with the potential to become a regular program.

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions


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