A Sector Story: Gratitude For Friends and Family

“So yes, a beautiful fall day, November 10th, 2012 here at SLS. Looking out from tr 1 and this tr, don’t know if some of you know or noticed the music note in the back (Note: wrought iron musical wall hanging made by Lori and George Ewing of G.E.M. Fabrications Ltd.), and it’s a tribute to one of the uses we have for this place, of course as a jam space, so over here you’ll see some speakers standing in the corner and underneath the instructors desk – there’s a well-kept secret under here – a PA.

We had a bit of a party here last night. It was my good friend Jeffery Randle’s 50th birthday – tomorrow’s his actual birthday – so we decided to have a bit of a bash. Great time here at Sector last night. It was great to have this classroom – we take the desks and we roll them out – we’ve got it made easy so it’s easy to break down for the Victoria SharePoint users group and that sort of thing – roll them out and all of the sudden we have a jam space.

If we want to do the band-eokee thing, then we project lyrics and chords up on the screen here, which is nice. And some good people here last night. My brother was here and my good friend Lori, and George, also old friends of Jeff.

Lori got a little artistic on the board here with our instructor pens here and made some art.

I think that’s Jeff right there, actually, yes, ‘cuz he was wearing a pork pie hat and playing the guitar. We were jamming here until about 3 in the morning last night. Lori’s a very, very accomplished artist as you can see.

So, really grateful to have the kind of friends and family and good people around me here. And grateful to be able to have the type of space where we can invite people over and roll the desk out of the way and put in the mic stands and PA system and jam until the wee hours.

My brother brought some of wood carvings over as well. So he’s doing the sort craft sale thing. Quite a selection of cedar and yew wood spoons and trays. Beautiful stuff. (Interested parties can reach the artisan at mindsoulart@yahoo.com)

So yes, we’re surrounded by beauty, surrounded by art, and surrounded by love. Bye for now.”

-Gerry Brimacombe,
Chief Executive Officer,
Sector Learning Solutions

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