Productivity Tip – F4 is my Friend

Have you discovered the wonder that is F4?

Do you know what happens when you press the F4 button on your keyboard?

It replicates your last action – over and over again!

Beware: If you hold down the Alt key while pressing F4, your currently selected active window will close. (If there is no active window the Shut Down dialog box will open.)

How can repeating your last action by pressing F4 be useful?

  • MS Word
    • Duplicate text by retyping text you just typed.
    • Repeat Paragraph formatting.
    • Repeat Font formatting.
  • MS Excel
    • Adding multiple sheet rows – saves you a ton of mouse clicks!

A big thank you to our Microsoft instructor Margo Almond for sharing this time-saving tip with me!

Note: This keyboard command works in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. It does not work in MS OneNote.

Keyboard Shortcut Resource: I discovered a rather dated-looking, but otherwise very useful resource to learn your keyboard commands. Internet4Classrooms has a webpage with an interactive graphic of a keyboard. Click a key to discover all the functionality available to you in the click of a button.

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions


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