Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure: Summer 2013

When things are busy and business is booming, there comes a time when every CEO needs some time to their self.

gerry-brimacombe-chamber-largeSector’s CEO Gerry Brimacombe will be turning off his cellphone at the start of summer solstice 2013 when he embarks on a weeklong Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure on his 1997 R1100GS BMW. Invited by a group of Calgary-based business associates, Gerry embraces the opportunity to test his riding skills and endurance alongside a group of rather experienced riders.

When Gerry joined the group, planning was already underway – in the form of  groups discussions via reply-all emails. The largest challenge was not being able to participate in the face-to-face  meetings due to the geographical distance between Calgary and Victoria.

47616_177243335627317_7073760_nIt turns out that there are a few elements to consider when planning an international trip for 11 riders including routes, timings, what to bring, what to share, motorcycle repairs, insurance, etc. It became increasingly clear that the planning process was outgrowing its present home as the email inboxes quickly became cluttered.

With enough on his plate with present client deliverables, Gerry recognized an opportunity to simplify the collaboration process and called a meeting to discuss the idea of using virtual tools such as Microsoft SharePoint for file sharing, Doodle for polling and Microsoft Lync for web conferencing. The group was enthusiastic to take their planning process to the next level.


First, Gerry created a secure Microsoft SharePoint site on Sector’s classroom server to share ideas and information. SharePoint lists allow the group to share contact information, useful links relevant to the ride, as well as compile a list of items to bring. Additionally SharePoint discussion boards are used to store and organize information as well as act as a meeting agenda for online meetings. The group uses Doodle ( to poll the participants to determine the best dates to meet online to continue the planning process via Microsoft Lync.


(Never one to mislead, Gerry admits one pothole of a technical error did appear in the process, preventing one participant from attending the first Lync online meeting on time. Fortunately it was resolved after the participant realized Lync conflicted with one of his in-house firewall settings.)

With the planning process streamlined for productivity, the group’s next big decision is on whether to rent a RV to protect them from the Alaska Mozzies, or just tough it out in tents… we look forward to sharing some photos of the trip this summer when Gerry returns from The Last Frontier.

 Created with content from Gerry Brimacombe, CEO, Sector Learning Solutions.

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions

3 responses to “Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure: Summer 2013

  1. Gerry Brimacombe

    Very nice!

    All the Best,

    Gerry Brimacombe

    Sector Learning Solutions Inc.

    250-727-2266 ext. 102

    Mobile: 250-704-6767

  2. Sounds like a plan. Exciting stuff!

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