How You Can Support the Homelessness is Unacceptable Campaign


Sector Learning Solutions’ CEO Gerry Brimacombe is the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce rep on the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness’s Leadership Council. He is encouraging everyone who agrees that homelessness is unacceptable to consider supporting the GVCEH’s Unacceptable campaign.

You can support the campaign by:

1. Tweeting #unacceptableyyj to @homeforhope in advance of our May 2013 Provincial election.

How does this help? Each time #unacceptableyyj is tweeted to@homeforhope, the Coalition will retweet the tweet to local MLA candidates. The more you tweet, the more MLA candidates will see the campaign.

2. Contact your local MLA Candidates by letter, email or phone and let them know that you think homelessness is Unacceptable.

How Can Homelessness Be Ended?
The Coalition’s 2012 Procurement Action Plan, recommends the creation of 964 units of affortable and supportive housing to end homelessness by 2018. Our goal is to ensure that all those that want a home have access to one in a timely fashion.

Did You Know…

Web_home_cot12% of clients that used emergency shelters in 2011/12 were seniors (56 and older). Sleeping on a thin foam mat night after night is unacceptable. This is unacceptable.

Web-Home_benchOn the night of February 8, 2012, 1,205 individuals were counted in temporary accommodation (shelters, motels, transitional housing, etc.) and 35 additional individuals were turned away due to lack of space. This is unacceptable.

Web-Home_carMany families experiencing homelessness are “hidden”, they may sleep in cars or couch surf rather than visit an emergency shelter. Approx. 19,000 people visit Food Banks in one month in Greater Victoria, 49% are familes – more than 5,500 are children. This is unacceptable.

Web-Home_couch1It’s estimated that more than 600 youth and young adults are experiencing homelessness in Greater Victoria. As many as 80% of homeless youth do not sleep rough on the streets, but are ‘hidden’. They may couch surf, or sleep in cars instead. This is unacceptable.

Learn More…
You can read more about the Unacceptable campaign at the GVCEH’s “Home for Hope” blog – including some captivating photos of live installations set up around Victoria to spread the message to the community.

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communcations,
Sector Learning Solutions

Created with content from Gerry Brimacombe, CEO, Sector Learning Solutions.


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