Word 2010 – Custom Margins and “Locking” Letterhead Graphics

SectorLearning_Letterhead_FINAL_RGB_nobleedOur friends over at Hot House Marketing did a brilliant job designing our letterhead as part of our rebrand back in 2011. We decided to do a small run of pre-printed letterhead for the office.

To ensure the text in our documents didn’t interfere with the header, we created a template in Microsoft Word 2010 with a custom margin.

How Do I Create a Custom Margin in a MS Word 2010 Document?

1. Select “Page Layout” Tab.
2. Navigate your mouse to the “Page Setup” Group and select the “Margins” button.
3. Select “Custom Margins…” at the bottom of the “Margins” menu.
4. The “Page Setup” menu will open. Ensure the “Margins” Tab is selected then adjust Top field from 1.0” to your desired size.


Whenever a client requested an electronic copy of a document, we would create it in Microsoft Word 2010 and then convert the .docx file to a PDF file to ensure the background image and text stayed in place. This method suited our purposes until a new project popped up that required a creative solution.

Word2010Letterhead-multi-pages-no-header(Before Screenshot – unlocked Letterhead that doesn’t repeat)

The Sales Team wrote a list of questions in a Word document that they wanted sent out to a list of clients to gather information to create case studies. The client would insert their cursor into the text to type their responses after each question. Simple enough, except the Director of Communications insisted that the document have the branded letterhead appear on every page, regardless of how much text the client added to the document.

 The other issue was that the letterhead image could not be locked in place so we ran the risk of annoying the client as they attempted to insert their cursor into the body of text and would instead select the picture. The solution was simple after it was discovered.

How Do I “Lock” a Letterhead Graphic in a MS Word 2010 Document (and have it reoccur with each new page created)?

Word2010Letterhead-1-2-31. Select “Insert” Tab.

2. In “Header & Footer” Group, select “Header” button.

3. Select “Edit Header” button at bottom of dropdown menu. The “Header & Footer Tools – Design” Tab will appear.

Word2010Letterhead-3-44. Select the “Picture” button in the “Insert” Group.

5. Select graphic then select “Insert”. The “Picture Tools – Format” Tab will appear.

Word2010Letterhead-5-6-76. Select the “Position” button in the “Arrange” Group.

7. Select “More Layout Options…” button at bottom of dropdown menu to open the “Layout” Menu.

Word2010Letterhead-88. Select “Text Wrapping” Tab then select “Behind Text” button under “Wrapping Style” heading.

9. This will unlock the “Options” section on the “Position” Tab of the “Layout” Menu. Ensure the following options are checked:
a. “Move object with text”
b. “Allow overlap”
c. “Layout in table cell

10. You can now move the graphic that you inserted in the Header to any location you desire. Word2010Letterhead-10

Be sure to select the “Close Header and Footer” button located in the “Close” Group on the “Header & Footer Tools – Design” Tab. Tada! You’re done!

Word2010Letterhead-multi-pages(After Screenshot – locked Letterhead that repeat)

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions


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