Ask-an-Instructor Forum

The Ask-An-Instructor Forum is designed to be a resource library of answers to frequently asked questions submitted by Sector Learning Solutions alumni. Use the search function to explore by Software Program or keyword.

Enter our Ask-An-Instructor Forum

If you don’t find your answer, please submit a question:
Submit a Question to the Ask-An-Instructor Forum

All questions will be answered within one to three business days, depending on the scope of the request and the instructor availability.

Please note: The instructor may wish to contact you via email or phone to gather more information to assist them in answering your question completely and correctly.

Is your question outside the scope of the course material covered during your course?

Our instructor will provide you with some brief consulting to point you in the correct direction – to online resources or a chapter in your complete course manual. They will also provide a recommendation on the next step in your learning – be it a one-on-one consul-training session, or another open enrolment course.

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