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Goodbye Kelly Marshall!

kelly-round-white-edgesAfter four years of excellent service, Kelly has decided to move on to pursue other opportunities. Her last day will be July 3rd, 2013. She has been an instrumental part of this company’s image for many years and we thank her for her dedication and promotion of our organization. Gerry and I both wish her well and will support her future endeavors in any way we can.

Kelly, you will be missed!

Kelly invites you to stay in touch by connecting on LinkedIn ( or by email .

– Chris Stone,
Operations Manager,
Sector Learning Solutions

Follow Gerry on his Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure 2013

Back in March we shared the news that our CEO, Gerry Brimacombe, would embark on a two week long Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure on his 1997 R1100GS BMW at the start of the summer solstice. Summer is here, and Gerry has hit the road.


You can follow his journey by checking his posts on the “Victoria to Alaska with Calgarians – June 2013” thread on the Adventurer Rider forum (profile – GmanVic) as well as watch his video blogs on his gbrim YouTube channel.

Gerry will return to work on July 3, 2013. In his absence, please connect with our Client Service Coordinator, Katie Caplan, for assistance – at 250-727-2266 or

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions

Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure: Summer 2013

When things are busy and business is booming, there comes a time when every CEO needs some time to their self.

gerry-brimacombe-chamber-largeSector’s CEO Gerry Brimacombe will be turning off his cellphone at the start of summer solstice 2013 when he embarks on a weeklong Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure on his 1997 R1100GS BMW. Invited by a group of Calgary-based business associates, Gerry embraces the opportunity to test his riding skills and endurance alongside a group of rather experienced riders.

When Gerry joined the group, planning was already underway – in the form of  groups discussions via reply-all emails. The largest challenge was not being able to participate in the face-to-face  meetings due to the geographical distance between Calgary and Victoria.

47616_177243335627317_7073760_nIt turns out that there are a few elements to consider when planning an international trip for 11 riders including routes, timings, what to bring, what to share, motorcycle repairs, insurance, etc. It became increasingly clear that the planning process was outgrowing its present home as the email inboxes quickly became cluttered.

With enough on his plate with present client deliverables, Gerry recognized an opportunity to simplify the collaboration process and called a meeting to discuss the idea of using virtual tools such as Microsoft SharePoint for file sharing, Doodle for polling and Microsoft Lync for web conferencing. The group was enthusiastic to take their planning process to the next level.


First, Gerry created a secure Microsoft SharePoint site on Sector’s classroom server to share ideas and information. SharePoint lists allow the group to share contact information, useful links relevant to the ride, as well as compile a list of items to bring. Additionally SharePoint discussion boards are used to store and organize information as well as act as a meeting agenda for online meetings. The group uses Doodle ( to poll the participants to determine the best dates to meet online to continue the planning process via Microsoft Lync.


(Never one to mislead, Gerry admits one pothole of a technical error did appear in the process, preventing one participant from attending the first Lync online meeting on time. Fortunately it was resolved after the participant realized Lync conflicted with one of his in-house firewall settings.)

With the planning process streamlined for productivity, the group’s next big decision is on whether to rent a RV to protect them from the Alaska Mozzies, or just tough it out in tents… we look forward to sharing some photos of the trip this summer when Gerry returns from The Last Frontier.

 Created with content from Gerry Brimacombe, CEO, Sector Learning Solutions.

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions

Welcome Manny Mandrusiak!

Manny Mandrusiak has joined the Sector Learning Solutions team as our new Director of Business Development.

“It has only been a few week yet Manny has already shown himself
to have the right values, energy, experience, and great ideas
for super win-win relationship at Sector.”

– Gerry Brimacombe


Who is Manny Mandrusiak?

Manny Mandrusiak entered the field of sales and marketing after retiring from the Canadian Infantry in 2005. He was employed as the Sales and Marketing Manager for the Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce, and then on to hold the position of Acting Executive Director.

Recruited by MatrikonOPC to head up marketing for their OPC line of products, Manny has been responsible for all aspects of marketing standards based software to various industry verticals.

Manny left MatrikonOPC to take a position with the OPC Foundation as Vice President of OPC Marketing and with PI North America as its Director of Technology Marketing. After a two year career organizing and executing technology training events across North America for both organizations, Manny has chosen to return to his roots of sales and marketing by creating his own consulting company – 4 Bravo Marketing here in Victoria, BC.

Manny has since become very enamoured with life on the West Coast, and discovered a new career opportunity with Sector Learning Solutions which combines his passions for technology and business development. Settling in as Sector’s Director of Business Development, Manny is looking forward to building new connections here on the Island both in business and in life.

He enjoys keeping his finger on the pulse of new technologies and trends, and does this as a contributing editor to the online magazine

In his off hours you’ll either find Manny in the gym, or spending time with family and friends while enjoying the beautiful Vancouver Island scenery.

You can reach Manny at:
Manny Mandrusiak
Director of Business Development
Office – 250-727-2266 ext. 105
Cell – 778-678-0758

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions

Farewell Maurice Lagasse!

Our General Manager, Maurice Lagasse, has accepted an exciting opportunity to work with the Bateman Foundation. He will be acting as Operations Manager, coordinating the opening of the new Robert Bateman Centre in the historic CPR Steamship Terminal. An amazing opportunity for a beloved colleague and dear friend.

“I want offer Maurice my sincere thanks for a job well done.
Congratulations on his exciting new position!”

– Gerry Brimacombe

ML-2013-farewell-party(Photo of Maurice Lagasse at his Farewell Party.)

-The Sector Learning Team,
Sector Learning Solutions

Happy Birthday Gerry Brimacombe!

From all of us at Sector Learning Solutions:


Happy Birthday Gerry!


-The Sector Learning Team,
Sector Learning Solutions

Former Sector Instructor Matching Donations to Mustard Seed Food Bank

Paul Holmes, a good friend and former instructor of Sector Learning Solutions, is now working as a consultant with Investors Group Financial Services Inc. He recently sent an email to our CEO, Gerry Brimacombe, discussing what he had learned from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone at a recent speaking event.

We decided to share this update from Paul’s new life with you, as we found his philanthropy-focused marketing plan for 2013 aligned with our company values and purpose of producing positive change in organizations and the world:

Dear Gerry,

I was excited to hear Biz Stone in person on November 27, as I’ve been an avid Twitter user for about 4 years. Surprisingly, he struck me as a pretty humble, ordinary guy. He talked almost as much about his failures as he did about his successes. Seeming as I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a teenager, it was refreshing to hear!

One thought that stuck out the most to me, though, was a bold prediction as he wrapped up his talk:

“The future of marketing is philanthropy.” — Biz Stone, November 27, 2012

For those who’ve known me for a while, you know I’m not afraid of hard work, I believe in providing outstanding service, and I’m pretty good at marketing. You will also know that I love giving back to the community.

What you probably don’t know about that last part is that it was a value instilled into me in childhood. Not only has my Father helped found and support important charitable causes my entire life, but there were times in my childhood when we needed some charity, too.  I remember very vividly going to the Mustard Seed Food Bank to get some groceries, because if we didn’t, we’d simply have nothing to eat. I remember those hard times well, and they truly shaped me and my outlook today.

Perhaps it’s this personal experience that made Biz Stone’s message hit me so hard. So I decided to take some action, and put Biz Stone’s thesis to the test. It’s on this matter that I’m asking for your help.

I’m going to call this: My Philanthromarketing Plan

My Philanthromarketing Plan
For every appointment I book with somebody who wants to review a component of their financial plan, I will match their donation to the Mustard Seed Food Bank, up to $25. If I reach my goal of 200 meetings, that’s $5,000 for my favourite local charity (and some great financial planning for those who decide to take me on as their planner).

No Obligation
Let me be clear. To qualify for the matching donation, all you have to do is book an appointment, come to my office, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea (optional), allow me to show you my process, and interview me as your financial planner. Naturally, I hope you will choose me as your planner, but there’s absolutely no obligation.

But My Current Planner Is Awesome
Already have a planner that you’re really happy with, but still think I have a pretty cool idea – please send my name along to a friend.

What Do You Do Again?
For clients, I develop a financial plan that fits their family and their business, suitable to help them achieve all of their goals, and protect their loved ones.

In case you think this means you need to have a bunch of money right now (or fill up that jar before we meet), that’s simply not the case. One of the most satisfying things I’ve done this year is help businesses and families increase their cash flow, so they have more money to invest (be it in their business, their homes, or in an appropriate financial product).

What products do I offer?
–       Life Insurance – Do I buy term or permanent?

–       Critical Illness Insurance – Is it right for me?
–       Disability Insurance – Am I protected?
–       Group Benefit Plans – Do my employees get great benefits? Am I paying too much for my current plan? Am I getting service with my current plan?
–       Mortgages and Home Equity Lines of Credit
–       Banking Products – RRSP Loans, GICs, etc.
–       RRSPs, TFSAs and RESPs – What priority should I assign to these?
–       Over 400 Investors Group and partner managed funds, in addition to 1000’s of third-party mutual funds – Which investments are right for me?
–       Full Service Brokerage

How’s that for tip of the iceberg. There are many products in the financial world. The question is – what’s right for your situation?

If you’re still reading… thank you! I’m working with a great assistant, Rachelle Rey (and asked her to follow-up with you next week).

It’s been a privilege to help bring financial security to many families and businesses. Is it worth 45 minutes of your time to see if I can help you too?

Thanks for your time,

Paul Holmes

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
250-704-9556 | Office 250-727-9191

Do you have a friend, family member or colleague that I might be able to help out? I’d truly appreciate the introduction!

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions