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Now Announcing Sector SharePoint Solutions

Sector Learning Solutions, BC’s leader for Microsoft SharePoint training, is proud to announce the launch of its new Sector SharePoint Solutions business unit. Sector SharePoint Solutions is specifically designed to meet the needs of companies, crown corporations, and health authorities who require skilled SharePoint consulting services and customized SharePoint Training for their existing systems, as well as help with migration to SharePoint 2013.

Microsoft SharePoint has become the collaboration tool of choice for many organizations, large and small, looking to improve processes, retain corporate knowledge, and increase employee efficiency. SharePoint is a flexible, powerful platform which, in the hands of a specialist, can be quickly adapted to support corporate communications and business processes as corporations grow. Sector SharePoint Solutions will provide clients with consulting services, customizable products, and training to deploy or enhance SharePoint and increase efficiency, company-wide, every day.

“As a company, we found that many clients were asking for similar SharePoint functionality, such as streamlining cumbersome processes or implementing green initiatives by using SharePoint to reduce corporate carbon footprints. These requests led to the creation of several products which can be integrated into any SharePoint architecture, including Office 365. I am excited to be passing on a savings to our clients by creating a robust framework for each product which is quickly customizable to their specific needs. During these uncertain economic times, our products and services provide companies with a cost-effective ways to leverage one of the most powerful Microsoft tools out there, SharePoint, to increase employee efficiency and improve their bottom line,” said Gerry Brimacombe, CEO, Sector SharePoint Solutions.

Sector SharePoint Solutions has productized four of the most popular SharePoint solutions that will improve the processes of any company, ministry, or crown corporation. Its product catalogue launches with:

• Time Tracker HR Tool (Sector Time Tracker)
• Leave Tracker HR Tool (Sector Tracker)
• Event Registration Tool (Sector Signup)
• Paperless Meeting Manager (Sector Summit)

“Businesses today depend on employees being able to access information in a timely and secure manner from a variety of devices. Sector Learning Solutions has a proven track record of leading the way in providing user-friendly SharePoint training for a range of industries. Combining that reputation with the new product catalogue, and customized services, offered by Sector SharePoint Solutions truly provides customers with a unique offering of affordable software, and training options, unseen in the British Columbia marketplace today,” commented Manny Mandrusiak, Director of Business Development, Sector SharePoint Solutions.

More information about Sector SharePoint Solutions is available at:

About Sector SharePoint Solutions:

Sector SharePoint Solutions is a business unit of Sector Learning Solutions (Sector Learning), a privately-owned company known for delivering top-quality training and consulting services. Corporate clients like the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA), the Northern Health Authority (NHA), and various Provincial government offices rely on Sector to keep their staff on the cutting edge of how they can continue to leverage SharePoint technology to better empower staff. The end-user training Sector Learning was delivering quickly grew into providing customized SharePoint solutions like registration systems and paperless meeting systems. As Sector Learning’s SharePoint business grew, so did the need to create a separate business unit to address those demands from the public. Sector SharePoint Solutions currently provides consulting services and products to private businesses, municipalities, school districts, government agencies and health authorities in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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For editorial and product information contact:
Gerry Brimacombe, CEO
Sector SharePoint Solutions
951 Alston Street
Victoria, BC Canada

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Manny Mandrusiak
Managing Creative Consultant
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Office Closed on September 2, 2013 for Labour Day

8 hours

The office and training centre will be closed all day on Monday, September 2, 2013 for the Labour Day statutory holiday.

Labour Day is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated in honour of the working class with its origins in the labour union movement, which advocated for an eight hours work day to allow for eight hours of recreation and eight hours of rest.

-Manny Mandrusiak,
Director of Business Development,
Sector Learning Solutions

Four Steps to a Professional Document

Almost everyone who works or has worked in an office environment has used some type of word processing software at one time or another – some of you may even work with such a program almost all day, every day. So, those of you who do are likely aware that using software like Microsoft Word allows us to create polished, professional documents in a (potentially) minimal amount of time. We can type the contents of a document, adjust the margins and spacing, create tables, and even add graphics. You may not have considered that, in order to make you that much more efficient at creating your documents, there are four golden rules to follow before you begin:

  • Planning
    Just like most everything else in life, planning saves you time and effort. Figure out what it is you want to say and then say it clearly. Include enough information to achieve that purpose without overwhelming your reader. Organize your ideas in a thoughtful, logical way; sometimes, working your way backwards can help. Decide how you want your document to look – the type of document you’re writing (e.g. business letter or research paper) will be the determining factor, of course.
  • Creating and Editing
    Once you’re past the planning stage, you’re ready to start typing. Here comes the hard part – try to hold off on editing and even formatting (step 3) until you’ve finished typing the document. Once you’ve entered your content, you’re ready to edit. Keep in mind that spell- and grammar check will only get you so far; your document should ALWAYS be fully read with human eyes prior to completion. If possible, get a colleague to look it over for a sanity check. It’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to miss something if you’ve been slaving away at it for hours on end.
  • Formatting
    How you format your document will depend on what type of document you’re working on; however, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. I recently wrote a post about formatting your Excel workbook, in which I talked about the most important aspect of the workbook – the data. Well, the same rules apply when it comes to formatting your Word document. There’s nothing wrong with making your documents “pretty”, but you want to make sure you’re not overwhelming the content of the document itself. Try to avoid garish colours – they can sometimes annoy your reader and make your document difficult to read. Ensure your document is readable on both black-and-white and colour printers. You also want to make sure you understand your printer’s limitations; colours that look great on your monitor may not print quite as well.
  • Printing or Distributing Online
    Before you go to print, display your document in your print preview window. If you print right away before previewing, you risk wasting time and paper. With print preview, you can immediately see how the page will look printed and can adjust scaling, margins, spacing, and paper size as necessary.

Let us know if you’ve got any tips or tricks of your own! Send us an email:

Katie Caplan
Office Manager & Instructor
Sector Learning Solutions

Office Closed on August 5, 2013 for BC Day


The office and training centre will be closed all day on Monday, August 5th, 2013 for the British Columbia Day statutory holiday.

The provincial holiday was created to recognize the pioneers in the province, and gives British Columbians a day to relax with friends and family members.

– Manny Mandrusiak,
Director of Business Development,
Sector Learning Solutions