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Follow Gerry on his Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure 2013

Back in March we shared the news that our CEO, Gerry Brimacombe, would embark on a two week long Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure on his 1997 R1100GS BMW at the start of the summer solstice. Summer is here, and Gerry has hit the road.


You can follow his journey by checking his posts on the “Victoria to Alaska with Calgarians – June 2013” thread on the Adventurer Rider forum (profile – GmanVic) as well as watch his video blogs on his gbrim YouTube channel.

Gerry will return to work on July 3, 2013. In his absence, please connect with our Client Service Coordinator, Katie Caplan, for assistance – at 250-727-2266 or Katie.Caplan@sectorlearning.com.

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions

Happy Birthday Gerry Brimacombe!

From all of us at Sector Learning Solutions:


Happy Birthday Gerry!


-The Sector Learning Team,
Sector Learning Solutions

Hear Sector Learning CEO Chat on CFAX Radio

Did any of you catch Sector Learning Solutions’ CEO Gerry Brimacombe on CFAX 1070 radio yesterday?

Gerry was a guest on the Frank Stanford’s radio show that aired live between 2:30-3:00pm. The show was hosted by Patty Mack (in Stanford’s absence) and covered the importance of small businesses successfully  leveraging technology.

Gerry was joined by Social Media expert Steve Kim and the conversation covered a gambit of topics including:

  • Small businesses drives our economy.
  • Small businesses must embrace technology for maximum efficiency and mobility.
  • Small businesses must understand that they can’t know-it-all or be completely up-to-date as technology is always changing.
  • Training is key to get the most out of technology tools that you already own.
  • Learning organizations that are committed to attracting and retaining good staff can do so by providing staff with training that allows them to be productive.
  • The BC Chamber of Commerce Micro Business Training (MBT) Pilot Program is available for small business owners to get funding for training.

If you missed Gerry’s radio spot and want to hear a recording, check out this podcast of the conversation: http://www.cfax1070.com/Media/CFAX-Podcasts/Frank-Stanford/November-13,-2pm

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions

A Sector Story: Gratitude For Friends and Family

“So yes, a beautiful fall day, November 10th, 2012 here at SLS. Looking out from tr 1 and this tr, don’t know if some of you know or noticed the music note in the back (Note: wrought iron musical wall hanging made by Lori and George Ewing of G.E.M. Fabrications Ltd.), and it’s a tribute to one of the uses we have for this place, of course as a jam space, so over here you’ll see some speakers standing in the corner and underneath the instructors desk – there’s a well-kept secret under here – a PA.

We had a bit of a party here last night. It was my good friend Jeffery Randle’s 50th birthday – tomorrow’s his actual birthday – so we decided to have a bit of a bash. Great time here at Sector last night. It was great to have this classroom – we take the desks and we roll them out – we’ve got it made easy so it’s easy to break down for the Victoria SharePoint users group and that sort of thing – roll them out and all of the sudden we have a jam space.

If we want to do the band-eokee thing, then we project lyrics and chords up on the screen here, which is nice. And some good people here last night. My brother was here and my good friend Lori, and George, also old friends of Jeff.

Lori got a little artistic on the board here with our instructor pens here and made some art.

I think that’s Jeff right there, actually, yes, ‘cuz he was wearing a pork pie hat and playing the guitar. We were jamming here until about 3 in the morning last night. Lori’s a very, very accomplished artist as you can see.

So, really grateful to have the kind of friends and family and good people around me here. And grateful to be able to have the type of space where we can invite people over and roll the desk out of the way and put in the mic stands and PA system and jam until the wee hours.

My brother brought some of wood carvings over as well. So he’s doing the sort craft sale thing. Quite a selection of cedar and yew wood spoons and trays. Beautiful stuff. (Interested parties can reach the artisan at mindsoulart@yahoo.com)

So yes, we’re surrounded by beauty, surrounded by art, and surrounded by love. Bye for now.”

-Gerry Brimacombe,
Chief Executive Officer,
Sector Learning Solutions

Gerry’s Kootenays Adventure 2012

I am back from a great relaxing motorcycle trip with my good friend Jeff Murdock. We did an eight-day loop around the interior of BC to visit friends, ride some nice roads, and generally “go with the flow”.

It was a fantastic trip, but I was tested before it even started. We had been planning the trip for months, and two days before our scheduled departure, my 1997 BMW R1100GS left me stranded beside the highway.  If you are interested in all the gory details, leave a comment or ask me in person…but it appears to be the transmission… So in asking the question “is the universe telling me not to go, or testing me to see if I can stay calm and solve this problem?”, and consulting with the BMW dealer, my wife, Jeff, my bank account, and www.UsedVictoria.com, I bought a 2000 BMW R1100RT on Friday the 13th. On Saturday the 14th, we set out. We had a general travel plan, but the main plan was “live in the moment, go with the flow and make it up as we go along”.

Here’s the new bike:

And here’s Jeff on his gorgeous classic 1972 R75/5. Yes that is a mandolin on the back. Jeff’s an amazing musician.

Here’s the trip log, roughly:

July 14 Victoria to Nanaimo, stayed with friends and visited family. Great meal at the Front Street Grill where some friends were playing live.

July 15 Nanaimo to Lillooet. Lunch in Whistler with friends, and stayed at Reynolds Hotel. Did a really interesting walk through the cemetery.

July 16 Lillooet to Kelowna. Bought a new front tire for the new bike. Camped out in the rough near a lake, and fed the mozzies with our blood.

July 17 Kelowna to Christina Lake, stayed at Christina Lake, warmest lake in Canada. Very nice people, hot weather, and super nice people.

July 18 Christina Lake to Castlegar, stayed 2 nights with our friend Paul Taylor. Paul and Jo-Ann are having a wedding at their house in August so we helped with a few small jobs, and tested Paul’s beer.

July 20: Castlegar to Kaslo, and then the “best motorcycling road in Canada”, Hiway 41, to Nakusp. Major rainstorm hit in Nakusp. We were already arrived in town when the rain hit, so checked into the hotel by candlelight.

From Nakusp, we headed back towards Kaslo and back through some beautiful scenery and great riding to Nelson. Picnic in the park, and jamming with strangers on the beach. Set out to cover some miles towards home. Rode until about 10:00pm, and spent the night in Osoyoos at this really cool hotel Jeff found where the bikes can go into the courtyard and “sleep” outside the people rooms.

Got away from Osoyoos on the morning with the goal of catching the 3:00 ferry to Victoria. Managed to make the 5:00 and that was just fine. Warm welcome from families made the trip complete. And I must say I now have the “motorcycle travel bug” big time! That was one of the best trips ever!

-Gerry Brimacombe,
Sector Learning Solutions

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

CEO Gerry Brimacombe shares a quote from the book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman then reflects on how relevant the story is to what we do at Sector Learning Solutions.

… “There is one quote in there that I really liked and I thought it was relevant to what we do here at Sector.

That was the story about a woman who takes her son to Mahatma Gandhi (which I’m watching that movie with my kids interestingly enough) and she says, “Mahatma, please tell my child to stop eating sugar.” …

-Gerry Brimacombe,
Sector Learning Solutions

Sector CEO Presents Social Media Camp 2012 Speaker

Sector Learning Solutions CEO Gerry Brimacombe will be in the Social Media Camp 2012 house on Friday morning at 8:30 to present workshop speaker Maya Grinberg of Wildfire Interactive. Maya will be discussing: Growth, Engage, Monetize: Understanding Every Stage of Social Media Marketing Success for your Brand.

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet – here’s a code to get $100 off – courtesy of Sector Learning Solutions.

A Little More About Maya…

As Social Media Manager, Maya maintains external company communications, including writing its blog, creating and distributing its marketing newsletters, managing its Twitter and Facebook accounts, and creating content for its website.

She is also a contributing author to a number of social marketing publications, including the Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and Social Media Today.

Prior to joining Wildfire, Maya was a strategy consultant for IBM, working primarily within the energy and utility industries.

She is a graduate of the Applied Economics and Management program at Cornell University.

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions

Sector Rides : April 2012

I’ve been trying to put my BMW R1100GS motorcycle back together since October 2011. This Easter long weekend finally presented an opportunity for me to install the parts I needed. Miscommunication with the courier resulted in some last minute scrambling to have the bike ready to ride by my planned Friday evening departure time.

There is no greater feeling of accomplishment when your success is born out of hardship. I was fortunate to be able to spend the weekend with friends and family – cruising to Nanaimo to visit my brother, commuting over to Gabriola Island to help a friend prepare his cabin for summer, and travelling back to Nanaimo to enjoy brunch with my mother.

My three-day long road trip concluded by connecting with my friends Maurice and Jeff, who share my enthusiasm for being back on our bikes and traveling the open road again.

Me, Jeff Murdock, and Maurice Lagasse at Goldstream Park.

-Gerry Brimacombe,
Chief Executive Officer,
Sector Learning Solutions

Happy 50th Birthday Gerry!

Happy 50th Birthday Gerry!

-The Entire Sector Team

11/11/11: Life is Rich

Gerry comes to terms with the fact that he hasn’t met his original 2004 goal for Sector Learning Solutions to be worth 11 million by 11/11/2011, but at the same time recognizes that today is a day to celebrate the success he has in his life.

-Gerry Brimacombe,
Chief Executive Officer,
Sector Learning Solutions