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Goodbye Kelly Marshall!

kelly-round-white-edgesAfter four years of excellent service, Kelly has decided to move on to pursue other opportunities. Her last day will be July 3rd, 2013. She has been an instrumental part of this company’s image for many years and we thank her for her dedication and promotion of our organization. Gerry and I both wish her well and will support her future endeavors in any way we can.

Kelly, you will be missed!

Kelly invites you to stay in touch by connecting on LinkedIn (ca.linkedin.com/in/kellycmarshall/) or by email kelly.christina.marshall@gmail.com .

– Chris Stone,
Operations Manager,
Sector Learning Solutions

Where in the World Was Kelly Marshall? Photos – Road to Roatan

The road to Roatan was a long one, travelling east across Honduras all day by local bus, finally arriving in La Ceiba, on the northern coast of Honduras.

Here are a few shots I snapped out the bus window during our journey:

Young man stands guard at his family’s roadside fruit and vegetable stand.

A young girl entertains herself while her mother waits for customers.

I wonder where Plasticos Karen 1 is located, or perhaps, the town is home to two women named Karen. (Oh the things you contemplate after 5 hours on a bus)

Getting to the Island

No time to take a breath – we’re  hopping on a ferry for an hour-and-a-half boat ride to the island.

Note: The ride is notoriously trecherous for people with weak stomachs – each (non-local)  passanger is given sea sickness medicine with their ticket and handed a barf bag upon taking their seat.

Roatan Island

Roatan Island is the largest of the Honduras’ Bay Islands and located near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef,(the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea).

We stayed in the West End, a water taxi ride away from West Bay Beach – where the sand is pristine and the fish abundant, but the waterfront is overflowing with tourist hotels.

When we arrive, we are greeted with this:

Travel buddy tests out his snorkel gear.

The rain is  bouncing off the concrete steps to our hostel room.

Thankfully, Roatan is much like Victoria in the fact that the weather can turn in the blink of an eye. We head out to explore the town and discover they’ve chosen the duration of our stay to address the issue of the overflowing sewers.

The work crew insisted I stop and take their picture.

Note: Men of all ages (and I mean all ages) are very ‘friendly’ and forward with female tourists who are not travelling with a husband – be warned to come prepared with a handful of shut downs – you’ll need them.

The West End’s a tad run down, but not at a loss for character. And believe me, it’s preferable to the tourist resort atmosphere – why travel half way across the world to stay in an American-style hotel and eat cheeseburgers?

Hands down the best chicken dinner you’ll find. It’s nothing fancy (plastic plates), but the price is right and the food is stacked on your plate. Plan to share.

A breathtakingly beautiful carved statue outside of our favorite breakfast spot – Earth Mama’s Garden Cafe and yoga studio – best smoothies on the island – and the only place to find soy milk for me. Service is on island time, but the food is worth it!

The Booty Bar – owned and operated by a Canadian woman – a young crowd, wide variety of music, and cheap, cheap drink specials.

Coconut skulls decorate the Booty Bar dance floor.

Foster’s Bar – a beautiful view (unless you look upstairs – you’re likely to spot some of the local teenage ladies of the night getting uncomfortably close to their much older gentlemen friends) – my Intrepid group sat downstairs and drank the bar dry of Disaronno.

The West End has its beautiful spots – watch out for the sand – it looks nice, but it’s full of sand fleas that bite and leave dime-sized red welts that don’t fade for days.

Our ferry the Galaxy Wave on the left, on the right… well, I’m sure there’s an interesting story there.

Self Portrait: a shot of the wake from the ferry.

Next stop: Comayagua, Honduras

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Sector Learning Solutions

Where in the World Was Kelly Marshall? Photos – Part 2

Next stop: Copán, Honduras!

Copán is an archaeological site of the Maya civilization located in western Honduras, not far from the border with Guatemala.

Ruinas de Copan
Complete with a Hieroglyphic Stairway, a Ball Court, an Acropolis, Altars, Tunnels and a Great Plaza, the Ruinas de Copan were an impressive site to explore!

Tree roots consume the stone blocks.

A Mayan stone marker on the path to the royal chambers.

 A gargoyle-like creature in high relief sculpture.

A row of animal spirits.

I’d wager you 190 Honduran Lempira to find a
non-pregnant female dog in Copan.

Need a ride?  Hop in one of Copan’s infamous three-wheeled scooter taxis – complete with 4-stroke engine. It’s a tight squeeze, but tons of fun, fast and cheap!

Authentic Honduran tamales – steamed cornmeal dumplings with shredded chicken and pickled carrot and cauliflower.

After lunch, we head to Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve – a tropical bird reserve that cares for rescued and endangered birds of the American tropics.

A stream running through the park – where we met Toucans, falcons, parrots, and more!

 Bronze-winged Pionus

Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao)

Blue and Gold Macaw (Ara ararauna)

Great Horned Owl.

More scarlett macaws – this time out in the open, and eager to land on our shoulders and heads!

Next we commutted 45 minutes out of Copan into the mountains to see the Agua Caliente Hot Springs (a favourite spot for the locals), near the village of Agua Caliente. The thermal waters are BURNING hot – but as you descent they flow into a cold water river forming comfortably warm natural pools and showers where bathers can relax and soothe their bodies – complete with complientary mineral mud to slather on your body.

Our tour started at dusk – and we ended up being stranded for a good two hours when the guides left us (they forgot to bring headlamps or flashlights for us). Being the adventurous lot that we were, we formed a conga line and felt our way in the dark, through caves and across rope bridges, back to camp.

Our efforts were rewarded with the mouth watering feast you see above – a shish kabob BBQ feast with fresh salsa and corn tortillas for all.

 5 or 6 am – the cobble stone streets are empty and it’s time to say goodbye. We’re off to board a bus for a 8-12 hour journey to Roatan Island.

-Kelly Marshall,
Sales and Marketing Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions

Where in the World Was Kelly Marshall : Postcard Edition

While I was away on my Central America travels, I sent four postcards, one from every country I visited – Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

The first postcard was sent the day I arrived in La Antigua Guatemala (January 26th, 2012) from the official “oficina de correos.” Amazingly, it has yet to materialize.

The second was sent from Honduras, from the island of Roatan. Similarly, it appears to be MIA.

The third, sent from Ometepe, Nicaragua, an island formed by two volcanoes rising from the middle of a freshwater lake arrived a week ago.

The fourth and final postcard, sent days before I hopped on a plane back to Canada (February 23rd, 2012) arrived first (two weeks ago).

Despite my original intentions of keeping you and the Sector Team cognizant of my whereabouts while I was away, it appears most of Central America’s postal system stands true to its nom de plume: snail mail.

-Kelly Marshall,
Sales and Marketing Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions

Where in the World Was Kelly Marshall? : BC to Guatemala

In our January 13th, 2012 blog post: “Kelly Takes the Long Way to San Jose,” Sales and Marketing Coordinator Kelly Marshall outlined the month-long adventure she would be taking through the heart of Central America from January 23 to February 23, 2012.

We are excited to share the details with you here in an ongoing series of blog posts titled “Where in the World Was Kelly Marshall?”

Where in the World Was Kelly Marshall?
Part 1: British Columbia to Guatemala

Photo taken from American Airlines Plane preparing to land in Dallas, Texas, USA – for a 3 hour layover as we await our flight to Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The view from our hostel (The Terrace Hostel) in La Antigua, a city in the central highlands of Guatemala – you can see Volcán de Agua, a 3,766 meters volcano.

The “suicide shower” in our hostel – Central America is infamous for its lack of hot water. The local solution is to install a devise to heat the water inside the shower head that is connected directly to the main electrical line.

La Merced, a church with an ornate barroque facade
still actively used by the locals.

Pets, particularily dogs are abundant in Central America.

Feliz Navidad! A nativity scene in the square of a the local market.

A “flame tree” with vibrant purple blossoms stands tall next to the crumbling ruins of a herritage building.

Local busker near the market.

Grass growing on the roof coupled with the contrast of azure sky and orange building caught my attention.

Arch connecting two parts of an old Convent.

One of the many building made of scrap metal and brick on the drive through Guatemala City on our way to the Honduran border.

-Kelly Marshall,
Sales and Marketing Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions

Kelly’s Taking the Long Way to San Jose

Sector’s Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Kelly Marshall, is getting ready for a fast-paced adventure through the best of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica!

Kelly leaves January 23, 2012 to join up with an Intrepid Travel team to navigate their way from Antigua, Guatemala down to San Jose, Costa Rica.

The Way to San Jose tour will take her through the heart of Central America to tour ancient Mayan ruins at Copan, frolic into cool Caribbean waters off Roatan Island, spot the world’s only freshwater sharks in Lake Nicaragua, visit La Fortuna’s fiesty Arenal Volcano and explore the steamy Monteverde cloud forest.

While Kelly is away, her colleagues Maurice Lagasse and Katie Caplan will be taking over her sales, marketing and social media duties. You can reach both of them at: 250-727-2266.

Look forward to pictures and updates in “Where in the World is Kelly Marshall?” blog posts.

-Kelly Marshall,
Sales and Marketing Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions