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OneNote 2010 – Sharing Notebooks Between Versions

Sharing a OneNote Notebook:

If the recipient has OneNote 2007 and I have OneNote 2010, can the recipient open the notebook in 2007?

“You will need to convert the notebooks to “compatibility mode” for those user who have OneNote 2007. This will enable them to open and edit the notebook with the 2007 program. To manually convert notebooks between file formats you:

1.   Right-click the notebook icon in the Navigation Bar of the book you want to convert and select “Properties”

2.   In the “Properties” dialog box look at what format the notebook is in (2007 or 2010)

3.   Choose one:

  • Convert a OneNote 2007 notebook to the newer OneNote 2010 format, click Convert to 2010
  • Convert a OneNote 2010 notebook to the older OneNote 2007 format, click Convert to 2007

By converting a notebook to the older 2007 format you will be disabling several features that are in OneNote 2010 (math equations, linked note-taking, version history, multi-level subpages, etc.) Any content created in the new features may be affected or disabled. You should always consider making a backup copy of the 2010 notebook before converting to the older 2007 file format.”

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