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David Salaguinto

Chris Stone introduced us to David Salaguinto in his June 26th blog post, Choosing a Top Banner.

David Salaguinto, a writer on the Office User Assistance team at Microsoft, gained internet fame through his Office Online Web Comic blog.

His witty cartoons are made using Microsoft Visio, a 2D-object drawing application used to create diagrams (most notably org charts). Although David has not posted a new comic in quite some time, his blog is a goldmine of chuckles.

Here’s a link to a free 30 day trial download of Visio 2010 – if you want to try your hand at making diagrams or even your own comic.

Indezine writer Geetesh’s blog post Office Online Web Comics: Conversation with David Salaguinto (February 8, 2008) offers insight into the genesis of David’s Microsoft Office comics as a learning tool for sharing Office Online information with customers.

I personally love the idea of infusing a banal topic such as Microsoft with humour – especially by using one of its own applications to do it!

What’s the most interesting learning tool you’ve seen an instructor use in class?

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communication,
Sector Learning Solutions