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Ask-an-Instructor: Styles in Microsoft Word

Recently, I’ve been trying to figure out how to work with styles in Microsoft Word 2010. Rather than spend a ton of time messing around in Word, I decided I would have a look at our Ask-An-Instructor archive of questions and answers to see if I could find what I needed there. Low and behold, I found what I needed!

Back in April of 2011, one of our past students submitted the following question:

“Can you import and apply styles from an existing word document into another (i.e. to get the same styles for headings, etc.)?”

Doug Alderson, who has since moved on from Sector to pursue other interests, fielded this question. Here’s what he had to say:

“The answer is yes. Here’s how:

Copy a paragraph that contains the Style of interest and paste it into a different document. That Style will come along with the paragraph and appear in the Quick Styles Gallery. The Quick Styles gallery will reflect the imported style even if the copy-pasted paragraph is later deleted. The Style would have to be deleted from the Gallery if it is no longer desired.

Usually any user-created Style will be saved in the Quick Style Gallery by selecting the drop down menu under the Home Tab, Styles group, dialog box launcher — “Save Selection as new Quick Style.”

Heading styles are a special case; they are saved in the NORMAL template and are used by Word to perform many associated functions. Copying and pasting an altered Heading Style into a new document will bring along the alterations to that Heading Style but will not automatically update the Style Gallery to reflect those alterations. With the cursor in the Pasted style, the user can quickly and easily right click on the default Heading style in the Gallery and choose “Update Style to Match Selection” and all subsequent uses of that Heading style will reflect the imported alterations.”

 Don’t forget – whether it was last week, last month, or last year, if you’ve ever taken a class with Sector Learning you have unlimited lifetime access to our Ask-An-Instructor forum. Our instructors are here to help! We will do our best to address your questions as quickly (2-3) days as possible.

-Katie Caplan,
Client Service Coordinator,
Sector Learning Solutions