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“Wouldn’t You Want Dave Talking About Your Blank?”

Think Social Media is a waste of time, especially for businesses?

Chris Burdge of bWest Interactive shares an entertaining YouTube video (“Blank”) in his March 1, 2012 blog post “Meet Dave…

The video illustrates advertising company 22squared.com’s trademarked phrase “When advocates talk, brands grow,” and shows how Social Media can empower consumers to become advocates – who take action.

How many lives do you think one person can touch in a week through Google+, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress?

If your clients are using Social Media to talk about your business- don’t you want to be part of the conversation?

Content provided by Guest Blogger:
Chris Burdge of bWest,
Social Media Instructor,
Sector Learning Solutions

-Kelly Marshall,
Director of Communications,
Social Media Courses @
Sector Learning Solutions